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Course choice information 2025

Mr James Seddon
Mr James Seddon
Dean of Studies and Learning Analytics

In place of our regular, on-campus information sessions that we hold each year for course choices, we have developed a suite of resources to help guide you through subject selection for 2025. Below you will find links to the information relevant to each year group. These pages will provide a video outlining the 2025 program in that year and the process for the selection of subjects, access to the PDF of the Course Handbooks and contact details for relevant staff who are available to help with guidance around the subject selection process. Please feel free to have a conversation with your son’s subject teacher and/or relevant Head of Faculty at the forthcoming Family/Teacher Conferences.

For more information about course choices for 2024, please contact Mr James Seddon, Dean of Studies and Learning Analytics on 03 6221 4319 or

To learn more about the opportunities we provide for boys to become their best, contact our Enrolments Assistant, submit an online Enquiry form or phone 03 6221 4236. We encourage you to book a tour with our Registrar as this is the best way to see our School in action. Read more…